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Wide Range Of Application Of Electric Trolley

Sep 13, 2017

Electric trolleys used to drive trolleys on construction sites. Now switch to electric power, a car with 48v battery. One day energy consumption is also five dollars in electricity, farewell to the past with a human cart, more laborious, now people to control the direction of automatic driving cars, climbing ability, Electric Hand Truck road uneven place can also operate. Time-saving and labor-saving is suitable for use in construction sites and small venues.

Electric Trolley Features: No pollution, zero emissions, low energy consumption. Simple operation, easy maintenance, no training. Heavy load, wide scope of application. is the brick and tile factory, furniture factory, refractory factory and other enterprises ideal means of transport. The power is big, Electric Hand Truck the demand for the road is small.

Power system: drive motor adopts high load and strong DC motor, has excellent overload resistance, stable power output, and the motor is stepless speed regulation, electric vehicle walking speed can be adjusted, and people's walking speed to maintain consistency. Maximum forward/backward speed: 8 km/h;

Power system: 24V enhanced Lead-acid battery power supply to ensure a longer life mileage. and zero emissions, non-polluting, Electric Hand Truck in line with the current green theme;

Charging mode: It is recommended that the saturated charging method be adopted to ensure the long service life of the battery. And can be recharged anywhere.

Charging time: 7-8 hours; Continuous working hours: 6 hours;

Braking system: The use of electromagnetic brakes, strong braking force. Electric Hand Truck With perfect and reliable protection function. To ensure the use of safety and reliability;

Walking wheel: Rubber inflatable front wheel, outward rear wheel;

Body color: The body is a powder coating, the body color can be optional by the user preferences.

Electric trolleys are building trolleys that rely on electric power-driven cars, and the use of electric trolleys has said goodbye to the days of relying on human-powered carts, greatly improving the transport efficiency of materials on construction sites and saving labor and working hours. The electric trolley relies on the person to control the direction, realizes the car to drive automatically, its climbing ability is strong, Electric Hand Truck the road uneven place also can operate. This product can be applied to construction sites, mountains, paddy fields, factories, mines and other places to use, can load a ton to 10 tons. Can be customized according to customer requirements.