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There Are Many Types Of Electric Tricycles

Jun 22, 2017

The world's first electric tricycle was born in 1881, the inventor for the French engineer Gustav Trull, which is a lead-acid battery-powered tricycle, and in 1873 by the British Robert Davidson With a battery for power invention of the electric car, and not included in the international confirmation range. Later appeared on the lead acid, nickel cadmium, nickel-metal hydride batteries, lithium-ion batteries, Electric Tricycle fuel cells as electric power electric vehicles.

Now on the market supply of electric tricycles, also known as "flat three rounds", many brands, but its form, structure, parts of the parts are basically the same size. Because of the material and manufacturing process there are differences, so the quality of electric tricycles are not the same.

As the electric tricycle is a heavy load of transport, so its material requirements are higher. In general, a good electric tricycle skeleton (tripod) made of seamless steel pipe, Electric Tricycle due to high strength steel pipe, bear the strength, not easy to deformation. Electric tricycle pedal up should be easy, effort, flexible turn, no abnormal sound, smooth.

How to properly charge the electric tricycle

The new battery before the first three times to fully charge 12-14 hours, when the electric tricycle fuel gauge when the time is necessary to charge. After charging to charge about 8 hours, Electric Tricycle in the red light after the green light and then float about 1 hour line, do not overcharge.

The battery is diligent with the ground, basically that every day after riding on the charge, but here is a problem is that if your battery can run 30 km, ran 5 km or 10 km to charge it, This may not be good for the battery, because when the battery is fully charged, there will certainly be a gas spill, and this gas, it is generated by decomposition of water in the electrolyte, so that water is generated, the frequent charge, battery The number of water loss increased, the battery will soon enter the expiration period. So the good way is if the next day you do not ride electric cars, you'd better put it full of electricity, but when you ride 5 km or 10 km after the second day of the journey is running enough, The second day after riding and then charge, so the battery will lose water, Electric Tricycle the battery life will be extended.

There are many types of electric tricycles, to buy when dazzling, do not know which one to choose. Today to explain to you about an electric tricycle - multi-purpose leisure electric tricycle

A multi-purpose recreational electric tricycle, which includes both the body and the car on both sides of the left and right wheels installed on both sides of the coaxial launch, power generation integrated motor, they are connected with high-performance battery pack and controller and front wheel handlebar.

In the ride, the left and right coaxial launch, power generation integrated motor from the power generation, mutual power supply, so that electric vehicles can run for a long time, not only save energy, Electric Tricycle do not pollute the environment, but also on the battery, the motor also play a positive role in protection , But also reduce the user's use costs. And because the car, the car in the practical application of which, according to actual needs, can change the car shape, and then because the car, while installing a set of micro-audio equipment. So this also increased the riding people riding interest, suitable for installation in a variety of small tricycles on the use.