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Strong Transport Capacity Of Electric Trolley

Sep 01, 2017

Electric trolley is also called Electric dump truck, is the transportation and loading and unloading bulk materials, community, street, sanitation transport garbage, earthwork, construction and other ideal means of transport. Electric Trolley Performance: No noise, no pollution, high efficiency, low energy consumption, strong applicability; use of dedicated battery, motor performance reliable, safe and durable, with braking power off function; sufficient power can work for 10-12 hours; using this vehicle can reduce labor force, reduce labor intensity, Electric Hand Truck improve production efficiency, and reduce production cost greatly. Increase the profits of factories and mines.

Electric trolley with 48V battery, farewell to the past with a human cart, more laborious, now people to control the direction of automatic driving cars, climbing ability, Electric Hand Truck road uneven place can also operate. Time-saving and labor-saving is suitable for use in construction sites and small venues. This car is beautiful and dexterous, the body structure is reasonable and compact electronic control system This product uses control combination parts, operation is very humane, convenient simple and flexible, stable and reliable.

Electric trolleys are building trolleys that rely on electric power-driven cars, and the use of electric trolleys has said goodbye to the days of relying on human-powered carts, greatly improving the transport efficiency of materials on construction sites and saving labor and working hours. The electric trolley relies on the person to control the direction, realizes the car to drive automatically, its climbing ability is strong, Electric Hand Truck the road uneven place also can operate. This product can be applied to construction sites, mountains, paddy fields, factories, mines and other places to use, can load a ton to 10 tons. Can be customized according to customer requirements.

Main features of Electric trolley

1, Electric Hand Truck the use of a wide range of simple structure, smooth transmission, operating labor-saving, easy to automate control.

2, suitable for site sanitation agricultural snow and ice surface and other complex road conditions.

3, 7 HP single cylinder power system, low fuel consumption.

4, strong traction, climbing and grasping the performance of good, transport capacity.

5, small turning radius, flexible, Electric Hand Truck especially adapted to narrow space, reduce the cost of road construction.