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Strong Climbing Ability Of Electric Trolley

Jul 19, 2017

Electric trolley can save half workers, time-saving, labor-saving, worry

The construction site Electric Trolley finally successfully developed, and obtained the construction worker's widespread praise. Its load is the average manpower lorries three times times, the efficiency has increased more than 50%, becomes the construction site "Jin Niu".

People who have done things on the site know that the construction site is large, the transport is stone, sand, cement, mud and other weight objects, Electric Hand Truck a lot of work need to rely on human hands to push the ash lorries a little bit of handling. Not only time-consuming, workers are also very hard, a day down the efficiency is not high.

Now the economic market, the development speed is very rapid, Electric Hand Truck if still old-fashioned way of handling, I am afraid to meet the requirements of the construction side. The birth of electric trolley, well solved the problem of difficult handling.  Small Taurus New Energy technology research and development, the manufacture of electric hand to push ash lorries, not only save time, but also save strength, more labor-saving. Electric Hand Truck For the traditional physical work of the site, Electric trolley is a creation of the Gospel of the century.

Electric trolleys used to drive trolleys on construction sites. Now switch to electric power, a car with 48v battery. One day energy consumption is also five dollars in electricity, Electric Hand Truck farewell to the past with a human cart, more laborious, now people to control the direction of automatic driving cars, climbing ability, road uneven place can also operate.

Electric Trolley Introduction:

1. The vehicle uses the power system, drives the motor to adopt the high load, the performance strong DC motor, has the good overload resistance ability, the stable power output; Electric Hand Truck and the motor is the stepless speed regulation, the electric vehicle traveling speed may adjust, may with the human walking speed to maintain the consistency.

2. Maximum forward/backward speed: 8 km/h.

3. Power system: 24V enhanced Lead-acid battery power supply to ensure a longer life mileage. and zero emissions, pollution-free, in line with the current green theme.

4. Charging mode: It is recommended that the saturated charging method be used to ensure the long service life of the battery. Electric Hand Truck And can be recharged anywhere.

5. Charging time: 7-8 hours.

6. Continuous working hours: 6 hours.

7. Braking system: The use of electromagnetic brakes, braking power. Electric Hand Truck With perfect and reliable protection function. To ensure the use of security reliability.

8. Walking wheel: Rubber inflatable front wheel, outward rear wheel.

Advantages of Electric Trolley:

1. Safety: Electric Trolley design speed 5km/hours, and installed brake power off device, driving safe and reliable.

2. High efficiency: Electric trolley load is equivalent to the average human lorries three times times, efficient workers.

3. Save money: The construction site has electric trolley, Electric Hand Truck at least can reduce more than half of the workers, a general workers one months wages can buy an electric lorries, let you save money.

4. Labor-saving: Electric trolley using mechanical help, improve the staff of heavy manual labor, no longer worry about no staff to work.

5. Easy to control: Electric trolley operation is simple, workers learn to operate within 10 minutes, no need for special training.

6. Flexible: Electric trolley occupies a small space, turning flexible, wherever the human trolley can go to where he can go.

7. Applicable: Electric trolley has bucket-type peace plate two, can solve all the transportation problems on site.

8. Durable: Electric trolley fully consider the site of all complex road conditions, so we build cars, not stingy use of steel, durable.