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Sales Decline In 2016 Electric Tricycle, The Real Reason Here!

Mar 06, 2017

Following the electric tricycle after a stagnation in the market last year, 2016 Power Trike market is finally with the entire country's economic "convergence", and some declines, it is understood: in 2015, three rounds of production and sales to 9.8 million vehicles, 2016 dropped to 9.3 million units, the decline was about 5%. Vehicle electric trike market, no covered trucks, approximately 3.7 million units, market share is about 40%; a covered truck 3.1 million to 2.9 million units, market shares sweet 33%; passenger electric tricycle production to 2.5 million vehicles, market share is about 27%. Among them, the TOP market share for the top 10 business size 50%, showed electric tricycle brands control capabilities have been significantly enhanced.

If in the whole development process of electric tricycles, very obvious advantages of industrial clusters, cornerstone is promoting the development of electric tricycle, then with the rise of electric three-wheeled around the industrial manufacturing and logistics costs rise, localization trend of manufacturing it is necessary to replace the cluster advantages, the electric tricycle industry tends to disperse.

Our electric tricycles manufactured mainly in Xuzhou and the surrounding area, Shangqiu and the surrounding area, Taizhou, Tianjin and the surrounding area and the four plate base. Different from Xuzhou, Shangqiu and Tianjin mainly case iron castings, Taizhou manufacturing Electric tricycle with the appearance of plastic parts, specially developed and manufactured passenger, formed to manufacture and support system is different from the other three.