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National Electric Tricycle Industry Innovation Seminar

Mar 06, 2017

On January 1, the electric tricycle industry innovation seminar held in Shangqiu, electric tricycle more than 300 companies from around the country brought together suppliers, manufacturers, research innovation and industry development.

The seminar to enhance "Shangqiu section" fame as the theme discussed "Shangqiu section" rise again in new directions. Quality, innovation, standards are the highest in this seminar to discuss key words. At the meeting, Emma, Chairman Li of the car industry for the whole industry in Henan province and "Shangqiu section" proposes new approach to innovation, Henan, General Manager of bird Zhang Qian, Henan, step by step, first Chairman of power technology, Zhang Mei, respectively the electric car industry technology innovation and product development presented the visionary ideas and goals.

Participants have said that the convening of this meeting will have far-reaching impact on national electric tricycle business, "Shangqiu section" better and faster development and lay a solid foundation, "Shangqiu section" development and will be better quality, better innovation, high standards and upgrading. In the future, "Shangqiu plate" will integrate resources, to achieve sustained innovation and the transformation and upgrading of the road, and lead the development of electric vehicle industry greater spans.