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Maintenance Of Electric Tricycle

Mar 06, 2017

(1) before the ride should check whether the battery cartridge to clinching, display panel the light display is normal.

(2) the driving rain on water surface, water depth does not exceed the electrical Center under normal driving, such as surface water deeper than electric wheel Center, will probably make the electric wheel seepage failure.

(3) the vehicle should be avoided in the humidity, high temperature and corrosive gases in place, lest plating paint corrosion on the surface of metal parts.

(4) the whole length of time should be avoided exposure to Sun and rain, so as not to damage components within a controller, resulting in breakdown, accident.

(5) electrical control structure complex, users should not unauthorized disassembly, repair. If the charging voltage is not stable, charger fuse can be easily recommended AC voltage stabilizer.

(6) electric bicycles in the back feels heavy, and to move forward the implementation of the hub will have a slight sound is normal.

(7) the ride should not be overloaded and should avoid placing heavy objects and people, so as not to damage the battery and the motor.

(8) maintenance bike bicycle lubrication is important, depending on the situation, front axles, rear axles, shafts, flywheel, front forks, shock absorbers rotation fulcrum components once every six months to one year clean and lubricant (molybdenum disulfide grease is recommended). Electric wheel drive parts are coated with a special lubricant, users don't have to scrub their own lubrication. Exception is found, the company maintenance special maintenance points.