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High Production Efficiency Of Electric Dumper

Oct 10, 2017

Electric Dumper is a kind of electric-chain dumper for mine, belonging to the technical field of mining machinery. With high production efficiency, easy to use, safe and reliable characteristics.

An electric dumper, which is fixed on the chassis by a bearing and a bearing seat, with two shafts, one of which is an active shaft, the other is the driven shaft, the set of wheels installed on the active shaft is the active wheel, and a set of rollers installed on the driven shaft are from the gear wheel, the active shaft is connected with the motor through the reducer, Electric Dumper and a lock is arranged at the other end of the active shaft. A cage body is arranged on two sets of rollers, a track plate is arranged in the cavity of the cage body, Electric Dumper a track is arranged on the track plate, and the rail roof of the track is flattened with the rail top of the mine track. The utility model has the advantages of stable movement, safe and reliable, time-saving, labor-saving and high efficiency.

The electric dumper is composed of a roller, a driving wheel, a supporting wheel, a positioning device, a driving device, a car arrester, Electric Dumper a base and a block coal plate.

Electric Dumper is a kind of electric-chain dumper for mine, belonging to the technical field of mining machinery. The technical problem to be solved is that the existing structure of the dumper is complex, the noise is big, the driving device is placed in the pit and inconvenient to install and repair. Electric Dumper The structure includes the main frame, the two rollers which are fixed with the main frame, the driving device of the motor and the deceleration mechanism, the driving mechanism between the main frame and the driving device, and the transmission between the main frame and the driving device is the chain drive mechanism. The drive device can be mounted on a bracket positioned on one side of the body frame and above the surface of the tramcar track in a height higher than the body frame. The installation, Electric Dumper the maintenance is convenient, and the structure is simple, the noise is small, the driving device above ground, will not be flooded and the material heap buries, adds the dustproof cover to be able to improve the working environment effectively. In addition, the utility model turns over two tramcar each time, which makes the production efficiency of the hook-type dumper increased by one-fold and the work safety. It is suitable for the flip discharging equipment of tramcar.