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High Applicability Of Electric Tricycle

Sep 13, 2017

At present, the production and use of electric tricycles in China, from the use of functional aspects, divided into such several, factory, family, unit, and so on, from the use of the environment, different, can have different use function and direction.

Factory Type: The main feature of this type of electric tricycle is the power, Electric Tricycle the durability of the use of higher, more obvious load of goods.

Family type: Compared with the type of factory type, this type of tricycle electric vehicle is lighter and more convenient, but the load goods are significantly reduced.

Electric tricycles need maintenance and often pay attention to several points, Electric Tricycle not only our own attention, but also often to repair and maintenance point inspection.

1: The strength of the ability to ramp up is already a measure of electric tricycle ability and good or bad, so his engine maintenance and maintenance of this aspect more professional, the best related to the sales point of regular maintenance.

2: Many products rust-proof ability is weak, so generally after two years of use or often use of the situation, a little bit of anti-rust treatment.

3: Electric tricycle in the carriage of goods is a frequent thing, Electric Tricycle in order to avoid damage to the compartment, it is best to place a plastic cushion or other items as a cushion.

With the development of technology and people's awareness of environmental protection, electricity in the field of transportation has also revealed its unique advantages. Electric cars have gradually replaced motorcycles, becoming a common means of transportation. Among them, electric tricycle is also more common, Electric Tricycle mainly used for goods or pull people, with strong applicability, flexible, simple maintenance, easy maintenance, low prices and so on.

There are many kinds of electric tricycles, mainly divided into household type, freight type, factory type and many other models by use.

1. Household electric tricycle, most of the use is the side wheel motor, external frame, this structure of the car does not have a large shaft, light weight, generally suitable for home and old-age transport tools. There is also a medium-set motor with a large shaft, the stability of the car, Electric Tricycle the middle of the motor at the same time two rounds, start smooth, but the price is more expensive.

2. The freight electric tricycle, generally also divides into two kinds, one kind for the motorcycle type, the disposition and the style and the three-wheeled motorcycle is similar, the Middle place motor belt big axle, the configuration has the inverted switch, and the speed control system. And the other one is the motorized tricycle, which is modified by the motorized tricycle, the rear axle, the vehicle box completely uses the motorized tricycle configuration, the load is above one ton, may by the gearbox carry on the speed adjustment, Electric Tricycle has carries the cab and does not carry the cab, also may configure the hydraulic lifting device, uses in the factory to unload the bulk material and the city uses in the trash and so on

3. Factory-type electric tricycle, the use of the environment is generally bad, the requirements of the motor, battery more durable, can adapt to dust, high-temperature, rugged road environment, the frame of the material, welding process requirements, such as higher, the use of plasma shielded welding, Electric Tricycle high welding density, weld tensile strength, not easy to break, can adapt to the requirements of