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High Applicability Of Electric Tricycle

Sep 01, 2017

Electric tricycles can be used in short distances mainly because of their essential differences with motorcycles, but its advantages are also very obvious.

Electric tricycle has beautiful appearance, exquisite design, excellent performance, ride comfort, is the kiln factory, refractory plant, flour factory, concentrator, chemical plant, burden factory, construction site, Electric Tricycle such as transportation and loading and unloading of bulk materials ideal tool.

Electric tricycle use environment is generally bad, require motor, battery is more durable, can adapt to dust, high temperature, rugged roads and other environment, on the frame with materials, welding process requirements, such as higher, the frame pipe thickness of 2. More than 5MM, Electric Tricycle the rear axle diameter is above 78MM. Electric mining car welding using plasma shielded welding, high welding density, weld tensile strength, not easy to break, can adapt to the requirements of the factory operating environment. Electric tricycles are powered by electricity, and its green environmental protection has always been praised by people. However, the electric power mining vehicle itself is not allowed to generate electricity, Electric Tricycle which must use the battery as an energy reserve.

Electric tricycle Features: 1. Energy consumption: No noise, no pollution, high efficiency, low energy consumption, at the same time to improve labor intensity to reduce labor costs, the applicability of strong. 2. Configuration: The use of electronic power display table, dedicated battery, high-power, Electric Tricycle motor performance reliable and stable. 3. Control system: The use of stepless variable speed, the hand throttle control, braking power protection device, hand turn, small turning radius, simple operation, a charge can work two working days. 4. Design: Patent rear axle design, planetary differential speed, two-stage deceleration, Electric Tricycle increase gear design double chain transmission, so that the power output stable performance reliable, longer service life. Xingtai da Mai Machinery Co., Ltd. welcome more new and old customers to our company to watch the video work on the scene.

Electric tricycle in the field of electric cars is also such a display, of course, Electric Tricycle is a low carbonization form of the show, because the power is a relatively high efficiency of the conversion of an energy, and is also environmentally friendly and clean, then the electric tricycle is in such a premise should be pregnant and born. Then the electric tricycle itself has some characteristics, mainly the following:

1. Protecting the Environment

2. Energy saving

3. Reduced traffic costs

4. High Performance

5, Drive Far

6, before and after the brake

7, damping