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Ensure The Safety Car

Mar 06, 2017

Electric tricycle safety guarantee starting from the time of purchase, it can be seen that, to guarantee the safety of electric tricycle in use, consumers in the purchase, has had to start paying attention. Regular factory protection systems are relatively complete, line material components and the interface is more formal. Consumers are not freeloaders, be sure to select the regular manufacturers or brands of electric tricycles.

In addition, consumers should also pay attention to in the process of electric tricycle and battery operation to prevent overcharge. Electric tricycle battery cooling after heating, electric tricycle battery charge can be carried out when the temperature returns to normal. Electric tricycle battery installation location should do everything possible to ensure good heat dissipation, found superheat charging should be stopped, should check the charger and battery electric trike. Electric tricycle lighter battery depth of discharge or when the ambient temperature is too high should shorten the charge time.

Electric tricycle after battery discharge termination voltages, continue to discharge is called discharge. Over-discharge will seriously damage the electric tricycle batteries for electrical performance and cycle life of the battery electric tricycle severely disadvantaged. On the whole, consumers in the purchase of electric tricycle not only on price, mileage and other factors to determine if a car is good or bad, line contact is good material and components are equally important. And battery absolute cannot has short-circuit produced, in installation or using Shi should special carefully, by with tool should take insulation measures, line Shi should first will battery yiwai of electrical even good, by check no short-circuit, last even Shang electric tricycle battery, wiring specification should good insulation, prevent overlap by pressure produced rupture, only such to let electric tricycle more security, using of more long.