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Electric Trolley Saves Time And Effort, Convenient And Quick

May 19, 2017

Electric trolley, a car more use, saving time and effort, convenient!

The electric trolley is a trolley that relies on an electric drive to drive a car. The use of an electric trolley bid farewell to the previous era of relying on manpower carts, greatly improving the transport efficiency of the material on the construction site, saving labor and working hours.

Electric trolley rely on people to control the direction of the car to achieve automatic driving, the climbing ability, uneven pavement can also be operated.

This product can be applied to construction sites, mountains, paddy fields, factories, mines and other places to use, can carry a ton to ten tons. Can be customized according to customer requirements.

1, Electric Hand Truck the use of a wide range of simple structure, smooth transmission, easy operation, easy to achieve automatic control.

2, Electric Hand Truck for the construction site sanitation agricultural snow floor and so on.

3, Electric Hand Truck using ultra-watt maintenance-free battery 48 volts 20 mA.

4, Electric Hand Truck traction, climbing grip performance is good, strong transport capacity.

5, Electric Hand Truck turning radius is small, flexible, especially to adapt to narrow sites, reduce the cost of building roads.

Electric trolley has been further improved into grid electric trolley, electric lift trolley.

Beautiful appearance smart, electric push the body structure is reasonable and compact, patented products are widely used in hospitals, workshops, offices, factories, banks

Electronic control system: This product uses the United States Curtis (CURTIS) control components, the operation is very user-friendly, simple and flexible, stable and reliable.

Power system: drive motor with high load, Electric Hand Truck strong performance of the DC motor, with excellent resistance to overload, stable power output; and the motor is stepless speed regulation, electric car walking speed adjustable, with the person walking speed Maintain consistency. Maximum forward / reverse speed: 8 km per hour;

Power supply system: 24V enhanced lead-acid battery power supply to ensure a longer mileage. And zero emissions, pollution-free, in line with the current green theme

Charging method: It is recommended to use a saturated charging method to ensure a longer battery life. And can be charged anywhere. Charging time: 7 - 8 hours; Electric Hand Truck continuous working hours: 6 hours;

Brake system: the use of electromagnetic brakes, strong braking force. With perfect and reliable protection. To ensure the use of safety and reliability.

Walking wheel: rubber inflatable front wheel, external rear casters

Body color: electric push the body is a powder coating, body color can be arbitrarily selected by the user preferences.

With the development of the logistics industry in China, electric trolleys in China's van market has also been expanding. This is not only the development of the industry, Electric Hand Truck but also shows the people's growing security awareness. The next few years can be expected, with the expansion of the market, industry competition will become increasingly fierce.