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Electric Trolley Is Rugged

Jun 22, 2017

Electric trolley is the use of electric power to drive the car driving the use of trolley, the use of electric construction trolley bid farewell to the previous era of relying on manpower carts, greatly improving the construction site of the transport efficiency of materials, Electric Hand Truck saving labor and working hours.

Electric trolley rely on people to control the direction of the car to achieve automatic travel, Electric Hand Truck the climbing ability, uneven road can also be operated.

Applicable to construction sites, mountains, paddy fields, factories, mines and other places to use, can carry a ton to ten tons. Electric Hand Truck Can be customized according to customer requirements.

When we have a lot of goods need to transport and the need for mechanical equipment, when there is no thought to use transport equipment to transport it? When we are doing some manpower and resources are limited or very time-consuming, if you can borrow tools or Will receive very good benefits and also a lot easier. Need to transport the goods, Electric Hand Truck we can consider the use of manual van or electric trolley. Electric trolley design is simple but it is the most efficient handling tools, can let us work more smoothly.

We are currently using the most manual hydraulic forklift, hydraulic system is widely used, electric trolley can be applied to a variety of logistics equipment, manual van also has applied to the hydraulic system, the choice of the overall casting cylinder, greatly improved the function, Electric Hand Truck Has been greatly improved. Manual hydraulic pallet truck has a small size, easy to operate, depicting a very humane, able to complete the goods lifts, transport, information selection of high quality steel, durable, long service life.

Manual hydraulic pallet truck is also one of the types of manual van, manual hydraulic truck according to the hydraulic system can make the goods to enhance or decline, the use of new tray design and can easily move the weight of relatively large cargo, the use of very convenient.