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Electric Trolley Has Good Market Prospect

Jul 06, 2017

Electric Trolley Description

Beautiful and smart appearance, reasonable and compact body structure, patented products are widely used in hospitals, workshops, offices, factories, banks

Electronic control system: This product uses the United States Curtis (Curtis) control combination parts, operation is very humane, convenient simple and flexible, stable and reliable.

Power system: drive motor adopts high load and strong DC motor, Electric Hand Truck has excellent overload resistance, stable power output, and the motor is stepless speed regulation, electric vehicle walking speed can be adjusted, and people's walking speed to maintain consistency. Maximum forward/backward speed: 8 km/h;

Power system: 24V enhanced Lead-acid battery power supply to ensure a longer life mileage. Electric Hand Truck and zero emissions, pollution-free, in line with the current green theme

Charging mode: It is recommended that the saturated charging method be adopted to ensure the long service life of the battery. And can be recharged anywhere. Charging time: 7-8 hours; Continuous working hours: 6 hours;

Braking system: The use of electromagnetic brakes, strong braking force. With perfect and reliable protection function. To ensure the use of security reliability.

Walking wheels: Rubber inflatable front wheels, outward rear wheels

Body color: The body is a powder coating, the body color can be chosen by the user preferences.

Electric trolley, the trolley structure is novel, Electric Hand Truck the use of time-saving time and effort. The utility model adopts the technical solution for realizing the above purpose, which is the electric trolley, including the frame and the wheel, the wheel is arranged on the frame, the wheel is connected with the power mechanism of driving wheel rotation, and the power mechanism comprises a power supply, a switch and an electric motor connected in sequence, and an electric motor Further, the power mechanism includes the gearbox and the governor, Electric Hand Truck the gearbox is located between the motor output shaft and the wheel shaft, and the governor is positioned on the handlebar hand. Further, the frame is composed of a hand putter and a supporting leg, and the supporting leg is positioned under the hand rod, the hand rod is controlled by the hollow, and the connecting line between the motor and the power supply and the connecting line of the governor and the power supply are arranged in the hand rod. Further, the power supply adopts a rechargeable battery, and the outer side wraps the battery box and is fixed under the hand rod. Further, Electric Hand Truck the switch is arranged on the battery box. Further, the wheel shaft is a D-axis, and the D-type shaft is connected with the D-type sleeve on the wheel. The utility model has the beneficial effect that this kind of electric trolley, the structure is simple, practical convenient, use can greatly reduce the user's physical exertion, just rotate the governor on the hand, driven by the motor wheel forward, effectively improve the handling capacity of the trolley, has a good market prospects. The connecting line between the motor and the power supply and the connecting line between the governor and the power supply are arranged in the hand rod, which effectively protects the connecting line and improves the service life of the electric trolley.