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Electric Trolley Has A Wide Range Of Applications

Aug 10, 2017

1, Electric Hand Truck rotatable rear wheel: The rear wheel of electric trolley can be rotated to control the direction and rotate flexibly and freely.

2, Electric Hand Truck three light rubber wheel: electric logistics trolley, electric load trolley with three lightweight rubber wheel, rubber texture load-bearing capacity, not skidding, more secure.

3, detachable trample: The station board of Electric trolley is removable device, Electric Hand Truck when install, need not dismantle, convenient and flexible.

4, Electric Hand Truck seamless panel design: Electric flatbed trolley, electric handling trolley panel without cracks, the battery hidden in the Panel, the panel can effectively prevent water and dust for the battery damage. Wide range of applications, human goods counterparts, more efficient!

Electric trolley body Small, flexible, Electric Hand Truck can easily change any direction, suitable for logistics park, large warehouses, crowded streets, vegetable market/Seafood Market, furniture market and so on. Flexible steering means that it can be perfect for a variety of occasions, Electric Hand Truck bringing you a convenient handling experience.

Beautiful and smart appearance, reasonable and compact body structure, patented products are widely used in hospitals, workshops, offices, factories, banks

The operation is very humane, convenient, simple and flexible, stable and reliable.

Power system: drive motor adopts high load and strong DC motor, Electric Hand Truck has excellent overload resistance, stable power output, and the motor is stepless speed regulation, electric vehicle walking speed can be adjusted, and people's walking speed to maintain consistency. Maximum forward/backward speed: 8 km/h;

Power system: 24V enhanced Lead-acid battery power supply to ensure a longer life mileage. Electric Hand Truck and zero emissions, no pollution, in line with the current green theme

Electric Hand Truck Charging mode: It is recommended that the saturated charging method be adopted to ensure the long service life of the battery. And can be recharged anywhere. Charging time: 7-8 hours; Continuous working hours: 6 hours;

Braking system: The use of electromagnetic brakes, Electric Hand Truck strong braking force. With perfect and reliable protection function. To ensure the use of security reliability.

Walking wheels: Rubber inflatable front wheels, outward rear wheels