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Electric Trolley Has A Very Important Role

Oct 10, 2017

Electric Trolley Use

1. Beautiful appearance and dexterity, the body structure is reasonable and compact, products are widely used in hospitals, workshops, offices, factories, banks.

2. Electronic control system: This product uses the fine control combination parts, the operation is very humanized, convenient simple and flexible, stable and reliable.

3. Power system: drive motor with high load, strong performance of the DC motor, Electric Hand Truck with excellent overload resistance, stable power output; and the motor is stepless speed regulation, electric vehicle walking speed can be adjusted, can be consistent with the walking speed of people. Maximum forward/backward speed: 8 km/h.

4. Power system: 48V enhanced Lead-acid battery power supply to ensure a longer life mileage. and zero emissions, non-polluting, in line with the current theme of green environmental protection.

5. Charging mode: It is recommended that the saturated charging method be used to ensure the long service life of the battery. And can be recharged anywhere. Charging time: 7-8 hours; Continuous working hours: 6 hours.

6. Braking system: The use of electromagnetic brakes, Electric Hand Truck strong braking force. With perfect and reliable protection function. Electric Hand Truck To ensure the use of security reliability.

7. Walking wheel: Rubber inflatable front wheel, outward rear wheel. 8. Body color: The body is a powder coating, the body color can be optional by the user preferences.

Electric Trolley has a very important role, for the electric trolley transport, what should be noted?

1. Fixed: Electric trolley transport, the first thing to pay attention to is the need to be fixed on the preparation is very necessary, Electric Hand Truck to require attention to the electric trolley wheel placement good, to ensure that the electric trolley in the transport process will not be arbitrary movement, to ensure stability.

2. Packaging: Electric trolley transport, but also need to pay attention to the need for packaging, packaging on the preparation is also very necessary to avoid the electric trolley in the process of transportation by wear, to ensure that the quality of electric trolleys in order to meet the needs of beauty.

3. Waterproof: Electric trolley transport, the final need to pay attention to is the need for waterproof, the preparation is also very necessary to avoid electric trolleys in the process of transport, Electric Hand Truck water may lead to the use of electric trolleys in the problem, need to prepare waterproof cloth.

To sum up, the electric trolley transport, need to pay attention to these, to ensure that electric trolleys in the function of excellence, safe to reach the hands of consumers.

How to carry on the maintenance and maintenance of electric trolley, the convenience of electric trolley in transporting goods, make its logistics industry has a very important position, Electric Hand Truck many warehouses used, in order to ensure that the equipment in service life extension, for the maintenance of the equipment, what should be noted?

1. Failure: Electric trolley in use when the failure, to immediately disconnect the power supply, timely find someone to repair, the need to pay close attention to the operation of the equipment, Electric Hand Truck found to have poor lubrication, loose parts, running, crawling, deceleration, card dead, vibration, wheel does not turn or fall off, and other abnormal phenomenon must immediately stop inspection, troubleshooting can continue to work.

2. Operation requirements: Every day after the use of electric trolley, to stop the vehicle, disconnect the power supply, clean the work area, check the correct and then leave, especially to pay attention to the cleaning at the scene, clean in the field, for the equipment in the mobile stability, reduce impact has a very important role.

3. Overhaul requirements: To carry out regular inspection of electric trolleys, timely replacement of damage components, in the maintenance of the choice of manufacturers, if there is a sale after the words, the best and provide after-sale manufacturers to cooperate, Electric Hand Truck for the maintenance effect on the guarantee, has a very important role in prolonging the service life.

It can be seen that in the use of electric trolley, the need to pay attention to these operations, for the equipment in the service life of the extension, to ensure the stability of the use of the effect is very necessary.