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Electric Tricycles Are Powered By Electricity

Aug 22, 2017

The electric tricycle is an ideal tool for the transportation and handling of bulk materials, such as brick kiln factory, refractory factory, flour mill, concentrator, chemical plant, charge factory, construction site and so on.

The use of electric tricycles is generally harsh, requiring the motor, the battery is more durable, can adapt to dust, high temperature, rough roads and other environments, the frame material, Electric Tricycle welding process requirements are higher, the frame with pipe thickness of 2.5MM or more Bridge diameter above 78MM. Electric mine welding welding using plasma welding, welding density, weld tensile strength, not easy to break, to adapt to the requirements of the factory operating environment. Electric tricycle is the power of energy, Electric Tricycle and its green environmental protection has been quite known. But the electric mine itself can not generate electricity so that you must use the battery as a power reserve for energy use.

Electric tricycle features: 1. Energy consumption: no noise, no pollution, high efficiency, low energy consumption, while improving labor intensity to reduce labor costs, applicability. 2. Configuration: the use of electronic power display table, special battery, high power, reliable and stable motor performance. 3. Control system: the use of stepless speed, hand throttle control, Electric Tricycle brake power protection device, handle steering, turning radius is small, simple operation, a charge can work two working days. 4. Design: patent rear axle design, planetary differential, two-stage slowdown, increase gear design double chain drive, Electric Tricycle the power output stability and reliable, longer service life.

Electric tricycle purchase.

Now on the market supply of electric tricycles, also known as "flat three rounds", many brands, but its form, structure, parts of the parts are basically the same size. Because of the material and manufacturing process there are differences, so the quality of electric tricycles are not the same. Electric Tricycle Users want to buy their own satisfaction with the electric tricycle, should pay attention to the following aspects:

A. Note the material of the electric tricycle. As the electric tricycle is a heavy load of transport, so its material requirements are higher. In general, a good electric tricycle skeleton (tripod) made of seamless steel pipe, due to high strength steel, to withstand the strength, not easy to deformation. Electric Tricycle Users in the purchase, you can use the fingers on the three wheels on the tube, such as sound crisp, that is, steel. But also carefully look at the various parts of the skeleton to see if there are cracks, especially its weak links, Electric Tricycle including the front fork tube.

B. Pick a good spring bow. As a kind of human transport vehicles, in order to reduce the bumps in its driving and enhance the integrity of each electric tricycle rear wheel are equipped with buffer spring, Electric Tricycle proved that the quality of the spring is good or bad, a direct impact on the use of the user The Such as spring bow is too soft, the goods loaded on the car, the loss of flexibility, driving up the role of buffer, Electric Tricycle pedal is also very effort; if the spring is too hard, there may be broken. So when the purchase should not be ignored.

C. Select the electric tricycle drive mechanism. The Electric tricycle drive and bicycle roughly the same, is composed of roulette, chain and flywheel. But some electric tricycle manufacturing is more rough, the wheel on the wheel and the flywheel is not a straight line, so that electric tricycle driving up, Electric Tricycle the user feel uncomfortable, and easy to chain, chain, flywheel and roulette life also. Will be greatly reduced.

D. Pick the brake part of the electric tricycle. The brake part of the electric tricycle should have the characteristics of quick response, labor saving and wear resistance. Electric tricycle brake is generally used foot brake, but should be a little brake.

E. Electric tricycles on the flat is generally covered with bamboo, or made of metal on the board. Whether it is bamboo or metal should be smooth, no tilt phenomenon, Electric Tricycle and the rear slightly higher than the front, which is conducive to the transport of cargo.

F Electric tricycle pedal up should be easy, effort, flexible turn, no abnormal sound, smooth.