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Electric Tricycle Is Mainly Used To Pull Goods Or Pull People

Oct 30, 2017

With the development of technology and people's awareness of environmental protection, electricity in the field of transportation also show their unique advantages. Electric cars have gradually replaced the motorcycle, has become a commonly used means of transport. Among them, the electric tricycle is also more common, Electric Tricycle mainly used to pull goods or pull people, with applicability, flexible, simple maintenance, easy maintenance, low prices and so on.

There are many types of electric tricycles, according to the use of mainly divided into home type, freight type, factory type and other models.

1. Household electric tricycle, most of the use of side wheel motor, external frame, this structure of the car is not a large axis, light weight, generally suitable for home and old man step tool. There are also in the motor with a large axis, and this car is stable, the home motor drive at the same time after two rounds, start smooth, Electric Tricycle but the price is more expensive.

2. Cargo electric tricycles, generally divided into two kinds, one for the motorcycle type, configuration and style and three motorcycles almost, the home motor with a large axis, equipped with inverted switch, and speed control system. And the other for the mobile three-wheel type, Electric Tricycle mostly by the three rounds of motorized conversion, rear axle, the car completely equipped with motor tricycle configuration, the load is more than one ton, the gearbox can be speed, with a cab and not With the cab, can also be equipped with hydraulic lifting device, used for loading and unloading of bulk materials and cities to clean up garbage and so on.

3. Factory-type electric tricycle, the use of the environment is generally harsh, requiring the motor, the battery is more durable, can adapt to dust, high temperature, Electric Tricycle rough roads and other environments, the frame material, welding process requirements are higher, the use of plasma welding, High, weld tensile strength, not easy to break, to adapt to the requirements of the factory operating environment.