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Electric Tricycle Economical And Practical

Jul 31, 2017

The electric tricycle is the representative of the Low-carbon era of the 21st century, then the following is the analysis of other aspects of the electric tricycle information.

1. Strong adaptability

2, Flexible mobility

3, maintenance and maintenance more convenient

4. Rationalization of prices

5. Small size

6, not only can be moving forward, Electric Tricycle but also can be reverse driving

7. High cost performance

8. Applicable crowd

Several related applications of electric tricycles will be more applied in short way, as follows:

1. Family

2. Urban and rural

3, individual rental

4, the Factory

5. Mining Area

6. Sanitation

7, Community cleaning

Then the electric tricycle can be used in the short distance mainly because of its and motorcycles and other essential differences, Electric Tricycle but its advantages are also very obvious.

Performance and configuration characteristics of electric tricycle:

Motor: Hercules large torque Brushless motor rated voltage 48V rated output power 350W rated speed 410±10r/min motor efficiency ≥81%

Battery: Special lead-acid colloid battery, large capacity, long life, durable

Controller: The use of micro-computer core control technology, scientific adjustment of different road surface exercise, effective protection of motor, battery electronic brake-type controller, Electric Tricycle effective protection of brake devices.

Charger: three-stage (constant current, constant pressure, trickle) smart charger to make the battery when charged with careful care

assembly line: Add rough assembly line, the whole vehicle line security can be better.

Shock absorption: The front shock absorber adopts 25 tube plus the coarse luxurious hydraulic front fork, Electric Tricycle the rear shock absorber adopts the spring plate damper;

Frame: reinforced thick-arm tube frame, faucet, flat fork and other iron pieces, so that the whole car more solid, firm.

Decals and baking paint: personalized design built-in decals, sedan-grade Two-part paint, the appearance of the glare lasting wear-resistant, beautiful, beautiful.

Comfort Type Large saddle, high back, Electric Tricycle large space bucket can store belongings, leisure and health.

The detailed classification of electric tricycles is analyzed under the following three main categories:

1, home-type electric tricycle

Household electric tricycles are generally taken by side-wheel motors, external frame, so the car is not a large shaft and light weight, generally can load around 200kg, the motor is generally 350-500w, the battery is generally 12v20a battery, then is more suitable for domestic and elderly transport tools.

Of course, there is a medium-and-middle-motor, and is with a large shaft, of course, the stability of the large axis is much more stable than without, so the price of this kind of car is relatively higher, it is also driven by the middle motor at the same time two rounds.

2, laden electric tricycle

The electric tricycle is divided into two kinds:

Motorcycle-type laden electric tricycle, when it comes to this kind of car, in fact, regardless of appearance or configuration and motorcycle tricycles somewhat like, of course, is different from the above-home electric tricycle, in the middle of the motor and with large shaft, Electric Tricycle the standard distribution machine is more than 500W, cargo generally can be around 600KG, can be adjusted speed, the fastest speed on the road relative to the motorcycle tricycle a bit slow, but also can reach 35 kilometers per hour;

The other is a motorized electric tricycle, which is mostly made from motorized tricycles, which can be configured with 4-5 120AH high-capacity batteries and more than 900W of motor, Electric Tricycle so its load can be more than a tons, of course, can also be adjusted.