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Electric Tipping Machine Is One Of The Important Equipment Of Coal Mine

Jun 22, 2017

Electric dumper is a mine electric chain electric dumper, belonging to the field of mining machinery technology. With high production efficiency, easy to use, safe and reliable features.

Electric tipping machine is composed of drum, transmission wheel, support wheel, positioning device, transmission, car stop, base and block coal and other major components.

Electric dumper for the new electric dumper, Electric Dumper complete specifications, the overall roll round, electric rotation. Can be used with train trolley, supporting the use of car, and can be set up interlocking automatic control electronic control system, continuous flip train. Can also be manually button control, to achieve single machine flip uninstall

The electric dumper is fixed on the chassis by bearings and bearing mounts with two axes, one for the active shaft and the other for the driven shaft. A set of rollers mounted on the drive shaft is the active roller. A set of rollers mounted on the movable shaft is a driven wheel, Electric Dumper the driving shaft is connected with the electric motor through the reducer, the brake is arranged at the other end of the driving shaft, the cage is arranged on the two sets of rollers, The track plate is provided with a track on the track plate which is flush with the track of the mine track. The utility model has the advantages of smooth operation, safe and reliable, time-saving, labor-saving and efficient.

Electric tipping machine is one of the important equipment of coal mine. Most of the existing electric dumper structure AC rotary motor through the deceleration system driven by the friction wheel drum rotation, Electric Dumper not only a large model, complex structure, more trouble, large maintenance and high cost of equipment, and friction is not enough when there are slippery And roll difficult and so on. In order to solve the above problems, electric dumper using arc straight motor direct start, as a secondary roller to flip to achieve the purpose of unloading.