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Electric Dumper Is A Mechanized Unloading Machine

Sep 13, 2017

Electric Dumper has the characteristics of high production efficiency, simple use, safe and reliable. Electric Dumper is a kind of electric-chain electric dumper for mine, belonging to the technical field of mining machinery. The technical problem to be solved is that the existing mine electric dumper is complex in structure, noise is large, and the driving device is placed in the pit, which is inconvenient to install and repair. Electric Dumper The structure includes the main frame, the two rollers which are fixed with the main frame, the driving device of the motor and the deceleration mechanism, the driving mechanism between the main frame and the driving device, Electric Dumper and the transmission between the main frame and the driving device is the chain drive mechanism. The drive device can be mounted on a bracket positioned on one side of the body frame and above the surface of the tramcar track in a height higher than the body frame. The installation, the maintenance is convenient, and the structure is simple, the noise is small, the driving device above ground, will not be flooded and the material heap buries, Electric Dumper adds the dustproof cover to be able to improve the working environment effectively. In addition, the utility model doubles the production efficiency of the hook-type electric dumper by turning two tramcar at a time, and the work safety. It is suitable for the flip discharging equipment of tramcar.

Electric Dumper is a large, efficient mechanized unloading equipment, used for unloading railway gondola cars. At present, it is one of the most widely used unloading equipment in large and medium-sized power plants in China.

The principle and structure of electric dumper system Electric dumper is a large-scale, efficient mechanized unloading equipment, used for unloading railway gondola cars. At present, Electric Dumper it is one of the most widely used unloading equipment in large and medium-sized power plants in China. I plant electric dumper system using the back-type unloading operation line, Electric Dumper is the only train to coal unloading machine equipment.

The unloading form of electric dumper is C-type rotor type, the driving mode is pin tooth drive, and its unloading mechanism adopts hydraulic unloading. The electric dumper system will train the coal to unload into the underground coal bucket, then through the belt to the raw coal bunker or coal field. Electric Dumper system integrated unloading capacity of 20-25 vehicles/hour. Electric dumper electrical control system using Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), CRT monitoring System and PLC for Full-duplex asynchronous serial communication, through the acquisition of electric dumper system operating conditions and a variety of parameters, operation, judgment processing, the scene of the equipment working conditions in a timely manner on the computer screen, Electric Dumper The device can be soft operated by the mouse.

The electric dumper system is made up of heavy truck shunting machine, electric dumper, moving trolley, empty car shunting machine, etc.

The working process of electric dumper fz15-100 type rotor type electric dumper can be connected with other supporting equipment on the unloading line to realize automatic unloading, Electric Dumper which can be manually controlled by manual operation. The work process is: by the heavy truck shunting machine Traction one section full loaded gondola cars accurately positioned in the electric dumper crane beam. Unloading arm drop pressure on both sides of the gondola car help. The plate vibrator is driven by the hydraulic cylinder to the side of the gondola. When the unloading arm is pressed, relying on the board, heavy car shunting arm has been driven out of the electric dumper, electric dumper began to unload at normal speed (in the process of unloading, the release of the vehicle spring force is through the hydraulic cylinder not closed to absorb the release energy of the spring. After unloading to 110 degrees, Electric Dumper close the hydraulic lock, the unloading vehicle will be locked, in case the vehicle falls off the road. ) Electric dumper continue to turn over until close to 160 degrees of deceleration, parking, vibration input, 3 seconds later, vibration stop, electric dumper to normal speed return, back to 0 30 degrees, unloading arm began to lift, fast to 0-bit deceleration, to rail downtime. After the shutdown to rely on the board back, when the unloading arm to the highest level, Electric Dumper by the board back to the last position, heavy truck shunting machine traction the second section loaded with the gondola car, into the electric dumper by the way to unload the empty. The electric dumper completes a working cycle.