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Charging Method Of Electric Tricycle

Jul 06, 2017

Electric tricycle A lot of types, to buy when dazzled, do not know which to choose. Today I will explain to you a kind of electric tricycle--multi-purpose leisure electric tricycle

A multi-purpose recreational electric tricycle, which includes the car body and the left and right wheels on both sides of the same shaft mounted, power generation integrated motor, Electric Tricycle they and high-performance Battery group and controller and the front wheel handlebar electric connection.

When riding, about two coaxial launch, power generation integration motor from power generation, mutual power, so that electric vehicles can be run for a long time, not only save energy, not pollute the environment, and the battery, motor also play a positive role in protection, Electric Tricycle but also reduce the user's use costs. Also because of the car, compartment in the actual application, can be based on the actual demand, can change the shape of the car, and then because of the vehicle, at the same time install a set of micro-audio equipment. So this increases the rider's interest in riding and is suitable for use on a variety of small tricycles.

How to charge electric tricycle correctly

The first three times of the new battery should be enough to recharge for 12-14 hours when the electric tricycle meter is under pressure. After charging to charge for 8 hours or so, in the red light after the green light and then float for 1 hours or so, do not overcharge.

Battery service is the right, basically said that every day after riding on the charge, but here is a problem is, if your battery can run 30 kilometers, Electric Tricycle ran 5 kilometers or 10 kilometers to recharge it, it may not be good for the battery, because when the battery is full of electricity, there will certainly be a gas overflow, and this gas, is the electrolyte in the decomposition of water produced, so that the loss of water produced, frequent such charging, the number of water loss of the battery increased, Electric Tricycle the battery will soon enter the expiration period. So the good way is if you don't ride the electric car the next day, you'd better fill it up with electricity, but when you ride 5 kilometers or 10 kilometers, the next day is still enough to run, preferably after the next day to recharge, so the battery will lose water loss, the battery life will be extended.