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Electric Trolley Operation Up Human Nature

Jun 09, 2017

Electric trolley, high quality materials, strong and durable, simple operation, super power, convenient

Electric trolley body compact, flexible, can easily change any direction, economical and durable. Electric Hand Truck Suitable for construction sites, interior decoration, farms, factories, transport sand, cement, earthwork, concrete, construction waste, household waste, farms animal feces, feed, logistics park, large warehouse, crowded streets, vegetable market / Seafood market, furniture market and so on. Can be rotated 360 degrees, you can enter the floor, corridor, elevator, basket and other small space operations, is your essential loading and unloading assistant. Flexible steering method determines that it can be perfect for a variety of occasions, Electric Hand Truck to bring you a convenient handling experience

Electric trolley technical parameters:

Product appearance size (length and width): 1300 * 700 * 950

Weight (kg): 140

Motor power (W): 700 (48V)

Safe load (kg): 500-600

Can climb slope (degrees): 10-25

Normal working hours (h): 7-8

Beautiful appearance smart, body structure reasonable compact electronic control system: This product uses the control components, the operation is very user-friendly, Electric Hand Truck convenient simple and flexible, stable and reliable.

Power system: 48V lithium battery power supply to ensure a longer mileage. And zero emissions, pollution-free, in line with the current green theme. Charging method: It is recommended to use a saturated charging method to ensure a longer battery life. And can be charged anywhere. Charging time: 6-8 hours; continuous working hours: 8-10 hours;

Electric trolley brake system: drum brake, strong braking force. With perfect and reliable protection. To ensure the use of safety and reliability. Walking wheel: rubber inflatable front wheel, Electric Hand Truck outward casters forward, back two gear operation.

Electric trolley with high and low speed, electric reversing, intelligent charging, brake power, over-current undervoltage protection and other high-tech technology, Electric Hand Truck and the operation is very simple, safe and reliable, 100 km power consumption only similar steam (diesel) A quarter of the cost.