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Winter tire replacement market will usher in faster development

Mar 06, 2017

A journey of tires is more closely and ride every day. However, tire hazard has become one of the major causes of traffic accidents in China. According to statistics from the traffic control Department, 46% take place every year in traffic accidents on the highway was caused by a tyre failure.

Especially winter, in freezes and has snow of road Shang, walk even easy skid, and fell, and driving in road Shang of tire also will has such of skid situation occurred (winter temperatures low, especially Xia finished snow or Xia finished rain zhihou easy in ground Shang freezes, and vehicles of tire in ice surface Shang driving of when due to pressure and tire temperature of effect will led to ice surface melting, led to vehicles tire and ground of adhesion reduced, to appeared vehicles skid phenomenon), and due to driving process in the tire in high-speed running state, Once appeared skid situation on driving took who of life security will will produced directly threat, for solution and prevent this a problem, currently, European, and American, and Japan, national and area are has clear provides, car in winter must replaced winter tire, but in China also no related of legal regulations, and domestic of car consumption groups still is to first times car of crowd mainly, this class crowd in the on car products of cognitive degrees does not high, many people does not know winter need replaced tire, Winter tires and four season tires little difference is known. In addition car factory original tires are basically four season tires, winter tire to replace a general price and expensive, it has also become one of the reasons many car owners had to abandon use of winter tyres.