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The gradual improvement of electric bicycles, will give new impetus to the economic

Mar 06, 2017

For the electric bike market is still promising, reasons are the following:

, Resident travel tools

A few years ago, bicycles have always been the main means of transport, however, with the economic development, the increase of urban construction, and rapid increase in population, increasing the pressure of traffic, ordinary bicycle has become obsolete, because working distance increases, the physical exertion of cycling increases. If you buy cars, for the average wage-earners, too great a burden, so it needs an economic and efficient energy transport, which reflects the importance of electric bicycles.

Second, emission-free green environmental protection

About today's China and the world, environmental protection has become an important topic, because in recent years with the increase of private cars, auto emissions growing, air bad, using battery-powered electric bike is no pollution, low noise and lightweight advantages of labor-saving, green transport.

Third, to improve urban traffic

At present, the city is developing rapidly, but the accompanying traffic congestion increasing, especially the morning crowd work peak periods, road congestion, and prone to traffic accidents, sometimes the speed of buses and private cars than bikes. To this end, the country to build subways and other transportation facilities, but still do not ease the situation. Electric bicycles are small in size, convenience and traffic congestion can be resolved to a certain extent.