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Pure electric vehicle development in China face a lot of constraints

Mar 06, 2017

China of power total home global first, in Eleven-Five planning among, China almost has annual 100 billion of power total, this total quite amazing, although total huge, but due to special of conditions, China power distribution is quite not uniform, West some place has electric nowhere makes, only waste off, and East some place no sufficient of power supply daily and production, so caused has electric panic, this a objective facts of exists let pure electric in China of development faced not small of limit.

Many heard electric panic of message Shi first impression is we everywhere deficiency electric, so they on will has such of questions, "since national are didn't electric with has, so why also to vigorously development pure electric", is will asked out this problem actually is because other no note to deficiency electric just local phenomenon, actually China national total power is quite full of, if can uniform distribution to national, so development again more of pure electric also without worry electricity of problem.

Although we said total sufficient, but after all distribution not are of facts is exists of, now also also no specific of measures to solution this not are, so current pure electric of development faced with not small of limit, only and grid power phase match only may guarantee car of normal using, if ahead of into mass production put market, that to many place because local reasons and formed electric panic of now will became more serious, as can only to social brings trouble, And this case, we cannot say that pure electric vehicles so that people feel more convenient.