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Power-assisted tricycle cabriovelo of Italy next year

Mar 06, 2017

Is a veteran of the fashion capital of Italy, luxury brands first in the world; Italy is also famous for its sports cars in San Diego, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati ... ...

Therefore, the Italian electric tricycles are produced in such a style, such as cabriovelo. This is a power-assisted tricycle, used classic car styling, retro fashion and environmentally friendly

Cabriovelo is the concept of three Italian students in engineering and economics, and, of course, the current team has been growing, because it is in the raised platform is very popular, has successfully raised funds.

Simply put, cabriovelo is a three-wheeled design, equipped with power-assisted system classic cars, bicycles, compact, handsome style, the most important thing is that it is very flexible, had more space in the congested city.

Cabriovelo although the hood design, but can be easily passed the parts into a closed structure, besides the trunk can accommodate 200l debris, ride it to the supermarket to buy something, and environmentally friendly and cool.