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Internet shopping fraud buyers of electric cars to be careful

Mar 06, 2017

November 26 the global electric vehicle network published an article the article how to identify online scams, the article describes a real case buy electric cars eventually fall through the network. In recent years, online shopping has become a new fashion, but not visible due to the virtual distance, some people because the price discounts are easily cheated. Due to the similar in every case, of the Fuzhou City Public Security Bureau published online cheap electric car again warning and providing 4 tips on how to see through the scam.

Taijiang, Fuzhou City Public Security Bureau criminal investigation Brigade official Micro-Blog "taijiang fraud" says 58 city Internet shopping fraud is still a lot recently, hope, especially among young people, in which buyers of electric cars to be careful on the Web site! Don't believe the low sales post! Must meet transactions, no money, hand delivery, don't pay in advance deposits, car tail section, to prevent being cheated.

Micro-blog, taijiang County, police also posted tips on how to cheat-proof 4.

Tip one: price if the price is significantly lower than the market price, please don't.

Tip Two: If there is no invoice certificate, or asked to pay a deposit or reject trade face to face, so be careful.

Tip three: look at the picture, if less pictures, and single point; mark is used cars, real is the new background style and the city were significantly different, then please do not believe.

Tip four: view the post of telephone records, frequent posting and transfer the number of car models change frequently, or previously published posts have been reported or deleted, then please do not believe.