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Electric cars are in a difficult period of severe import

Mar 06, 2017

Electric cars just like any new industry, to experience the four phase. I feel electric vehicle currently in the second phase of "import period", which is also electric vehicle progress, must pass through one, however extremely difficult, difficult date. Only through this date, we usher in a phase of rapid progress. At this stage, scale model, is an important measure for importing.

By 2012, began under the Government Organization, ended the first phase of the project. First popular demonstration work was 27,432. Universal vehicle number of teeth of the 25 cities interspersed in several cities in the universal model of doing extremely well, and gained a lot of experience.

At the end of 2012, the enterprise hybrid electric bus demonstration vehicles, the largest number is the hybrid electric bus, accounted for 40%, here is what we do than win a car.

Pure electric passenger car, is also the most caring, in 2012, the big break. Pure electric power bus numbers to 2,526. This is relatively low in the world. Is China's most important flavor. According to steam is not comprehensive census in the first half of 2013 5,889 for nation-wide sales of new energy vehicles, up 42.7% over the previous year. In June 2013, the national energy-saving and new-energy vehicles total number of close to 40,000. Unless other than the conversion of the number, I feel skill also has a lot of progress, such as hybrid electric bus is very conspicuous, it would be able to see and compare vehicle fuel consumption per hundred kilometers, and the extent of a number of cars had close to a ton more than the United States.