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Electric car stuck: let the old rattle new

Mar 06, 2017

Issued on August 8 in Guangxi, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Electric Bicycle motorized wheelchairs on August 10 enforcement of the disciplinary measure. On August 9, the electric bike market in Nanning of Guangxi lifted the "last run", many consumers buy electric bikes in the new statutory enforcement before pressing.

Journalists look at awareness, Guangxi enterprises now produce and market electric bikes most disproportionate to the local country norms, caused panic in the dark its spending measures, is the disturb of the electric bike for many years of "norm".

Finally snap up August 9, at 6 o'clock, usually until 9 o'clock and then cut open the door of Huaxia road, Nanning city, the electric bike shop has been busy. Workers carried a batch of brand new electric bike to the store, the salesperson is in front of the store on the "guarantee card" signs ready for electric bicycle in rush on the last day before the new statutory enforcement.