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Battery industry after two years of intense baptism, sales continue to rise

Mar 06, 2017

To stable capacity, company take "first increased new, again update" of transformation principles; following this part days are power full achieved no CD of production; September 10, Kanenaga XING power new of two building no CD plant full production; currently, new needed can on Kanenaga XING power and sublimation power two base old workshop no CD equipment of transformation has completed has ground pouring, and new equipment entry and old equipment demolition, for to new equipment installation of last Sprint stage; is expected to October mid-, new needed can will completed in production project 100% Cadmium-free transformation (free day 20,000 square and the construction of new 50-acre project).

Sales soared to capacity once the tension:

Battery industry after two years of intense baptism dealer brand values gradually condensed to corporate security and strategy under the price war, have joined new edge customer requirements, market sales continue to rise, equipment modification period popular momentum once strained the capacity increase beyond the enterprise to market anticipation.

Cadmium-free future, new needs will be stronger tomorrow:

Market "CD" is set by the relevant departments of the State's most severe environmental "wards", and accelerate the industry reshuffle an inflection point when the most of the lack of technical innovation capability and financial capacity and inability to break through the enterprise permanently exit the industry.