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Accelerated development of the electric vehicle market, gradually break the bottleneck

Mar 06, 2017

After several years of development of electric vehicle industry adjustment began to enter the country change and upgrade, innovation and innovation is the product based on this, the development of electric vehicles has brought convenience to people's lives, but in today's ever-changing, electric vehicles need to be constantly updated, upgraded to make electric vehicles more widely.

Throughout Nanjing electric market, is in industry of upgrade exists with many problem: while, electric General became Nanjing public travel tool Hou, consumers hope can buy to affordable of products, so, more low of price on consumers has more big of attraction, this led to industry appeared price competition, also, brand number surged, industry appeared has temporarily sex saturated, on the, "swap", and "to old for new", policy on electric production effect larger, and makes electric price appeared is big fluctuations, Suppliers, manufacturers and dealers margins are getting smaller, many companies don't make money or even lose money, enterprises are likely to die in the development.